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WHO I AM - Adolf Pla


Jazz and pop music –which I still listen to and often play– are to be found at the origins of my vocation for music. Nevertheless, I developed my training in music by playing the piano and through the classical and romantic repertoire. 


During the course of my professional career I have been very lucky, for I have encountered great musicians that have been so generous as to convey the joy of experiencing something that cannot be defined in music to me. Miquel Farré in Barcelona, Rados Ferenc in Budapest, Peter Hollfelder in Würzburg and my first teachers, Magda Caballé, Maria Teresa Segarra and J.M. Martí Aragonés, all of them have helped me greatly. I will always feel grateful to them for the work they did with me. I should also thank my pupils and colleagues for what I learn from them everyday. 


I have also had the opportunity to work as orchestra conductor and to collaborate with prestigious musicians and ensembles such as the Mozarteum Quartett Salzburg, the Ural Philharmonic Orchestra or the outstanding flutist and orchestra conductor Bernat Castillejo, among others.


I have always felt the curiosity and need to know the music by the composers that have participated in the building of the musical culture to which I belong, both from past and present. This is the reason why I have carried out several research studies in musicology and I have interpreted composers such as Toldrà, Manén, Taltabull, Oltra or Mompou. I am interested in every repertoire where the piano plays an important role. 


I am very interested in making art and society come close. Despite the fact that arts express themselves fully in their individuality, I feel that, in some contents, the dialogue between the different arts might offer us interesting and creative experiences endowed with great power of communication. This is why I continue to be interested in the other arts related to music that foster it.


Although I cannot prove it, I feel that music has a life outside human beings. The only thing man does is to free it from everything hiding it and unveil it. When Plato said that learning is remembering, what he suggested was that an open and alert attitude on our side may allow us to capture what we already know deep inside but cannot remember. When creating music or letting it come to light by means of sounds, we recuperate it in order to give it an audible dimension and experience its vibration.


The vibration makes us communicate and be linked together. This “comm-union” is the true meaning of being a musician and experiencing music. If the communication happens in a real and intense way, both the performer who conveys the message and the listener who receives it are musicians, for only then the magic of two vibrating elements takes place. 


This is the reason for being a musician.

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